Media Articles

DateTitleSource of ArticleAuthor
09/01/2019Bob Marshall: River diversions are supposed to save the coast, experts say. What if they're wrong?nola.comBob Marshall
08/20/2019Mississippi River diversions led to land loss, not growth, study says: Implications are 'obvious'nola.comMark Schleifstein
08/18/2019https://www.nola.com/news/environment/article_a1df60ba-c05d-11e9-bf17-d70dd5dd90dc.htmlnola.comCaitlin Looby
08/18/2019Our opinion: For La.’s coast, more uncertainty, little timeHouma Today 
08/16/2019Free art exhibit focuses on coastal lossHouma TodayJacob Batte
08/16/2019Mississippi river diversions: driving land gain or land loss?Phys.OrgAlison Satake
08/16/2019Delta Dispatches: New Louisiana Poll – 98% Want to Maintain as Much of Louisiana’s Coast as PossibleRESTORE the Mississippi River Delta 
08/16/2019Feds sending $39M for flood mitigation and coastal restorationNew Orleans City BusinessDavid Jacobs
08/15/2019Commentary: Louisiana candidates must address coastal issues, climate changeThe Advocate 
08/15/2019Our opinion: Voters are serious about saving Louisiana’s coastHouma Today 
08/14/2019 New Poll Shows Vast Majority of Louisiana Voters Concerned About Coastal Land Loss, Climate ChangeEDF 
08/14/2019New Poll: Majority Of Louisiana Voters Believe In Climate ChangeWWNOTravis Lux
08/14/2019Poll: Most Louisiana voters believe in climate change, say weather is becoming more extremeThe AdvocateSam Karlin
08/10/2019Public Policy Via Lawsuits Delivers Zero Dollars For Louisiana Coastal RestorationForbesDavid Blackmon
08/10/2019Coastal work welcome and much-neededAmerican Press 
08/09/2019Louisiana officials continue to push for bigger cut of offshore energy revenues in CongressThe AdvocateElizabeth Crisp
08/08/2019Booker eyes farm conservation, reforestation and wetlands restoration in climate planThe HillTal Axelrod
08/08/2019Litigation vs. Restoration: Addressing Louisiana's Coastal Land LossUS Chamber Institute for Legal Reform 
08/08/2019U.S. Chamber study: Coastal lawsuits put Louisiana economy ‘in jeopardy’Greater Baton Rouge Business ReportAnnie Ourso Landry