Media Articles

DateTitleSource of ArticleAuthor
07/19/2017Our Views: A knowledge base for coast's preservationThe AdvocateAdvocate Editorial
07/19/2017Coast authority focuses on paying $3 billion New Orleans area levee debtThe Times-PicayuneMark Schleifstein
07/19/2017Coastal authority views St. Bernard issues in monthly meetingThe Times-PicayuneMark Schleifstein
07/17/2017Troy University Professors Receive NOAA RESTORE Science Program GrantWLTZDon Hammond
07/15/2017Rising sea levels threaten Louisiana homeowners with billions in losses, real estate economists sayThe AdvocateSteve Hardy
07/13/2017No major hurricanes, wetlands loss slowedShreveport TimesJanet McConnaughey
07/13/2017USGS finds rate of long term wetland loss in Louisiana is slowingWWL 
07/12/2017West Bank coastal restoration project, one of state's biggest, topic of 6 meetingsThe Times-PicayuneTristan Baurick
07/12/2017$31 million Oyster Bayou Marsh Restoration underwayKPLCTheresa Schmidt
07/12/2017Updated USGS Maps Show Decreased Rate of Louisiana Land LossRestore the Mississippi River Delta 
07/12/2017Professors awarded coastal erosion research grantsThe Vermilion 
07/12/2017Is Louisiana land loss slowing? Yes, but...The AdvocateFaimon A. Roberts III
07/11/2017Officials tour work on Whiskey IslandDaily CometDan Boudreaux
07/11/2017In the nutria zone, higher bounty considered for Louisiana's most wanted rodentThe Times-PicayuneTristan Baurick
07/10/2017Dutch research institutes sign on to help with coastal lossKATC TV-3 
07/05/2017Tap tourists to promote Louisiana coastal work, business consultant saysThe Times PicayuneTristan Baurick
07/05/2017Fight, flee, or wait and see? Locals face hard choices as Louisiana coast recedesReutersEllen Wulfhorst
07/03/2017Turtles head back to ‘newly renovated home’Daily Comet Keith Magill
07/03/2017Lost Near SeaHarvard Political Review Beverly Brown
06/30/2017Walton Foundation donates $15 million to help stop Louisiana's coastal erosionThe AdvocateTed Griggs