Wetland Value Assessments

CWPPRA Summary of Wetland Benefits for Priority List Projects
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Stats for Authorized Projects
NumberPPLProject NameAreaAAHUACRAPNet
PO-3416Alligator Bend Marsh Restoration and Shoreline Protection (Inactive)3016336145181
AT-022Atchafalaya Sediment Delivery42487772200322232
BA-3811Barataria Barrier Island Complex: Pelican Island and Pass La Mer to Chaland Pass Restoration11172873340334
BA-27c9Barataria Basin Landbridge Shoreline Protection, Phase 323801010264264
BA-27d11Barataria Basin Landbridge Shoreline Protection, Phase 4589930256256
BA-277Barataria Basin Landbridge Shoreline Protection, Phases 1 and 22618464013041304
BA-19525Barataria Bay Rim Marsh Creation and Nourishment4261412260226
BA-266Barataria Bay Waterway East Side Shoreline Protection27901280217217
BA-234Barataria Bay Waterway West Side Shoreline Protection1789630232232
BA-191Barataria Bay Waterway Wetland Restoration5101514450445
TE-15629Bay Raccourci Marsh Creation and Ridge Restoration4611353430343
TE-16630Bay Raccourci Marsh Creation Increment II290792370237
PO-10420Bayou Bonfouca Marsh Creation6212024780478
PO-225Bayou Chevee Shoreline Protection2124207575
TE-13826Bayou Decade Ridge Restoration and Marsh Creation5171333780378
BA-4817Bayou Dupont Marsh and Ridge Creation3091081860186
BA-16422Bayou Dupont Sediment Delivery - Marsh Creation #3 and Terracing323471180118
BA-3912Bayou Dupont Sediment Delivery System4711593260326
BA-17323Bayou Grande Cheniere Marsh & Ridge Restoration (Transferred)4861292370237
PO-17826Bayou La Loutre Ridge Restoration and Marsh Creation4601092030203
PO-171Bayou Labranche Wetland Creation4871912030203
PO-161Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge Hydrologic Restoration, Phase 1380052010505001550
PO-182Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge Hydrologic Restoration, Phase 254755847505301280
AT-032Big Island Mining340046712003601560
CS-299Black Bayou Culverts Hydrologic Restoration72378162375165540
CS-276Black Bayou Hydrologic Restoration25529281229606343594
TV-092Boston Canal/Vermilion Bay Bank Protection466780378378
TE-283Brady Canal Hydrologic Restoration76533370297297
BS-3828Breton Landbridge Marsh Creation (West)5611603790379
BS-03a2Caernarvon Diversion Outfall Management155565048020802
CS-171Cameron Creole Plugs203922428650865
CS-6622Cameron Meadows Marsh Creation and Terracing499802920292
ME-091Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge Shoreline Protection640380247247
CS-4918Cameron-Creole Freshwater Introduction2251046488130218
CS-04a3Cameron-Creole Maintenance54076454114014622602
CS-5420Cameron-Creole Watershed Grand Bayou Marsh Creation6161934760476
BA-17123Caminada Headlands Back Barrier Marsh Creation9282693790379
BA-19325Caminada Headlands Back Barrier Marsh Creation Increment 24441422070207
TE-6618Central Terrebonne Freshwater Enhancement (Transferred)484462630233233
PO-279Chandeleur Islands Marsh Restoration5041942200220
MR-063Channel Armor Gap Crevasse2097234611325936
CS-222Clear Marais Bank Protection46379093810291067
LA-03b11Coastwide Nutria Control Program467602992.8501496314963
LA-30 Coastwide Reference Monitoring System     
LA-28426Coastwide Salvinia Weevil Propagation Facility3326259702626
LA-3920Coastwide Vegetative Planting4903189418361779
TV-6321Cole's Bayou Marsh Restoration384015729446340
TV-043Cote Blanche Hydrologic Restoration300001200022232223
BA-3611Dedicated Dredging on the Barataria Basin Landbridge12453376050605
BS-1110Delta Management at Fort St. Philip1305772670267
MR-096Delta Wide Crevasses52109272298882386
TE-15729East Catfish Lake Marsh Creation and Shoreline Protection3061322480248
CS-8831East Cove Marsh Creation 355138.592740274
BS-3728East Delacroix Marsh Creation and Terracing5761253060306
BA-19425East Leeville Marsh Creation and Nourishment2751152050205
TV-2114East Marsh Island Marsh Creation3621061690169
CS-202East Mud Lake Marsh Management8054487015201520
CS-3210East Sabine Lake Hydrologic Restoration658921990135225
TE-253East Timbalier Island Sediment Restoration, Phase 1451023193718761913
TE-304East Timbalier Island Sediment Restoration, Phase 2933014061154215
TV-189Four Mile Canal Terracing and Sediment Trapping12145113334167
ME-135Freshwater Bayou Bank Stabilization17242480511511
TV-11b9Freshwater Bayou Bank Stabilization - Belle Isle Canal to Lock (Inactive)2857544197241
ME-3119Freshwater Bayou Marsh Creation4281092830283
ME-042Freshwater Bayou Wetland Protection143811611015931593
ME-169Freshwater Introduction South of Highway 821998855253243296
PO-17325Fritchie Marsh Creation and Terracing8821412900290
PO-062Fritchie Marsh Restoration5924201010401040
BA-021GIWW (Gulf Intracoastal Waterway) to Clovelly Hydrologic Restoration149488850175175
CS-309GIWW - Perry Ridge West Bank Stabilization113240424183
TE-4310GIWW Bank Restoration of Critical Areas in Terrebonne35523392564
PO-3313Goose Point/Point Platte Marsh Creation138429742412436
BA-21728Grand Bayou Ridge and Marsh Restoration2581142250225
BA-25731Grand Bayou Ridge and Marsh Restoration - Increment 2 395168.153020302
ME-2111Grand Lake Shoreline Protection771204545
BA-6818Grand Liard Marsh and Ridge Restoration4841883700370
ME-1910Grand-White Lakes Landbridge Protection15303852161213
CS-212Highway 384 Hydrologic Restoration650510150150
CS-3111Holly Beach Sand Management89013700330330
PO-248Hopedale Hydrologic Restoration38052690134134
ME-118Humble Canal Hydrologic Restoration403029731365378
BA-34-210Hydrologic Restoration and Vegetative Planting in the Des Allemands Swamp2394530000
TE-11723Island Road Marsh Creation & Nourishment2951182060206
TE-201Isles Dernieres Restoration East Island44945909
TE-242Isles Dernieres Restoration Trinity Island7761204960109
BA-202Jonathan Davis Wetland Restoration71994850510510
CS-5320Kelso Bayou Marsh Creation (Transferred)3191682740274
PO-13321Labranche Central Marsh Creation7472576680668
PO-7519LaBranche East Marsh Creation9313397150715
PO-3010Lake Borgne Shoreline Protection192610165165
TE-263Lake Chapeau Sediment Input and Hydrologic Restoration, Point Au Fer Island13024468194315509
BA-4215Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation16002114416447
TV-178Lake Portage Land Bridge1496951924
BA-3711Little Lake Shoreline Protection/ Dedicated Dredging Near Round Lake1373348.57409304713
TV-125Little Vermilion Bay Sediment Trapping96414939051441
CS-8528Long Point Bayou Marsh Creation3951643110311
TE-7219Lost Lake Marsh Creation and Hydrologic Restoration7312266339113452
TE-5116Madison Bay Marsh Creation and Terracing (Inactive)9431873331334
TV-146Marsh Island Hydrologic Restoration669745241367408
BS-3227Mid Breton Land Bridge Marsh Creation and Terracing8231464110411
PO-193Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) Disposal Area Marsh Protection8554350755755
BA-03c5Naomi Outfall Management266033790633633
TE-379New Cut Dune and Marsh Restoration386432775102
PO-16924New Orleans Landbridge Shoreline Stabilization and Marsh Creation271941670167
CS-7824No Name Bayou Marsh Creation5392094680468
TE-11222North Catfish Lake Marsh Creation7332904890489
BS-4129North Delacroix Marsh Creation and Terracing, Marsh Creation4111342940294
TE-32a6North Lake Boudreaux Basin Freshwater Introduction and Hydrologic Management (Inactive)97955950266266
TE-4410North Lake Mechant Landbridge Restoration7571367408196604
BA-20627Northeast Turtle Bay Marsh Creation and Critical Shoreline Protection7932565360536
BA-25831Northeast Turtle Bay Marsh Creation Extension 423186.533430343
BA-26832Northwest Little Lake Marsh Creation3701473200320
BA-12521Northwest Turtle Bay Marsh Creation7982114320432
TV-13a6Oaks/Avery Canal Hydrologic Restoration, Increment 133481920160160
CS-5921Oyster Bayou Marsh Creation and Terracing8082384312433
CS-7925Oyster Lake Marsh Creation and Nourishment4131512500250
BA-3511Pass Chaland to Grand Bayou Pass Barrier Shoreline Restoration59620825310263
ME-147Pecan Island Terracing355014338359442
TE-346Penchant Basin Natural Resources Plan, Increment 18071952135640675
CS-244Perry Ridge Shore Protection59456241411891203
BS-4229Phoenix Marsh Creation - East Increment366972680268
BS-4430Phoenix Marsh Creation – West Increment356942580258
TE-222Point Au Fer Canal Plugs52301580375375
TE-17131Port Fourchon Marsh Creation 6052414500450
TE-4811Raccoon Island Shoreline Protection/Marsh Creation50264551671
BS-4330Reggio Marsh Creation and Hydrologic Restoration4841612830283
CS-233Replace Sabine Refuge Water Control Structures at Headquarters Canal, West Cove Canal, and Hog Island Gully42247491367586953
ME-1810Rockefeller Refuge Gulf Shoreline Stabilization450790256256
CS-8127Sabine Marsh Creation Cycles 6 & 79293469000900
CS-181Sabine National Wildlife Refuge Erosion Protection130001655055425542
CS-28-18Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation, Cycle 11055102140214
CS-28-28Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation, Cycle 210551018477261
CS-28-38Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation, Cycle 31055101870187
CS-28-4-58Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation, Cycles 4 and 51055103310331
TV-156Sediment Trapping at "The Jaws278275418371621999
PO-16824Shell Beach South Marsh Creation6341843440344
TE-4711Ship Shoal: Whiskey West Flank Restoration (Inactive)12492691950195
BS-4733South Delacroix Marsh Creation00000
ME-2011South Grand Chenier Marsh Creation4531904140414
ME-3223South Grand Chenier Marsh Creation - Baker Tract4201963930393
TE-399South Lake Decade Freshwater Introduction1685610202202
BS-1617South Lake Lery Shoreline and Marsh Restoration5511594090409
BA-4114South Shore of the Pen Shoreline Protection and Marsh Creation141445551106
ME-2212South White Lake Shoreline Protection5473253157687844
PO-17926St. Catherine Island Marsh Creation and Shoreline Protection2316713794231
CS-11b5Sweet Lake/Willow Lake Hydrologic Restoration579626158189247
BS-2422Terracing & Marsh Creation South of Big Mar676983220322
TE-409Timbalier Island Dune and Marsh Creation663124161112273
BA-287Vegetative Plantings of a Dredged Material Disposal Site on Grand Terre Island2977310027127
MR-1515Venice Ponds Marsh Creation and Crevasses (Inactive)917853180318
TV-031Vermilion River Cutoff Bank Protection20223115465
TV-199Weeks Bay Marsh Creation and Shore Protection/Commercial Canal Freshwater Redirection (Transferred)0021167278
MR-031West Bay Sediment Diversion129104912983109831
TE-5216West Belle Pass Barrier Headland Restoration41120329114305
TE-232West Belle Pass Headland Restoration2459216162312474
TE-13424West Fourchon Marsh Creation & Nourishment6141953040304
TE-4611West Lake Boudreaux Shoreline Protection and Marsh Creation1207129157120277
BA-04c3West Pointe A La Hache Outfall Management (Deauthorized)1575516520646646
TE-5013Whiskey Island Back Barrier Marsh Creation10382922720272
TE-273Whiskey Island Restoration49265494477921239
BS-4632Yscloskey Marsh Creation3651403060306
Stats for Deauthorized Projects
NumberPPLProject NameAreaAAHUACRAPNet
TE-4912Avoca Island Diversion and Land Building (Deauthorized)723313212023143
PO-258Bayou Bienvenue Pump Station Diversion and Terracing (Deauthorized)266120341527442
TE-336Bayou Boeuf Pump Station (Deauthorized)2180001457000
BA-224Bayou L'Ours Ridge Hydrologic Restoration (Deauthorized)247654670737737
BA-255Bayou Lafourche Siphon (Deauthorized)   0 
BS-1315Bayou Lamoque Freshwater Diversion (Transferred)94355606200620
BA-213Bayou Perot/Bayou Rigolettes Marsh Restoration (Deauthorized)4255498010651065
TV-2013Bayou Sale Shoreline Protection (Deauthorized)370153116213329
MR-1310Benneys Bay Diversion (Deauthorized)21518142654262805706
BS-1818Bertrandville Siphon (Deauthorized)1457496512314901613
BS-1517Bohemia Mississippi River Reintroduction (Deauthorized)52109896370637
CS-092Brown Lake Hydrologic Restoration (Deauthorized)9162737037
AT-049Castille Pass Channel Sediment Delivery (Deauthorized)53682565770577
BA-7619Cheniere Ronquille Barrier Island Restoration (Deauthorized)4632243080308
BA-3310Delta Building Diversion at Myrtle Grove (Transferred)4165635797267562168891
BS-1010Delta Building Diversion North of Fort St. Philip (Deauthorized)22541575010501
BA-309East/West Grand Terre Islands Restoration (Transferred)6832693350335
PO-214Eden Isles East Marsh Restoration (Deauthorized)25361253145401454
BA-181Fourchon Hydrologic Restoration (Deauthorized)202064444106150
BS-074Grand Bay Crevasse (Deauthorized)6300257240394634
TE-105Grand Bayou/GIWW Freshwater Diversion (Deauthorized)161641650199199
BA-299LA Highway 1 Marsh Creation (Deauthorized)163861460146
PO-289Labranche Wetlands Terracing, Planting, and Shoreline Protection (Deauthorized)4505198374115489
PO-3212Lake Borgne and MRGO Shoreline Protection (Deauthorized)4657017249266
ME-179Little Pecan Bayou Hydrologic Restoration (Deauthorized)1354421005656
TE-191Lower Bayou Lacache Hydrologic Restoration (Deauthorized)420013408686
TE-356Marsh Creation East of the Atchafalaya River - Avoca Island (Deauthorized)20003554340434
BA-25b11Mississippi River Reintroduction Into Bayou Lafourche (Deauthorized)850947050988988
MR-1212Mississippi River Sediment Trap (Deauthorized)1920508119001190
BA-245Myrtle Grove Siphon (Deauthorized)15894527011191119
PO-269Opportunistic Use of the Bonnet Carre Spillway (Deauthorized)135831210177177
MR-073Pass-a-Loutre Crevasse (Deauthorized)1869455104301043
PO-2911River Reintroduction Into Maurepas Swamp (Transferred)361218486054385438
BA-4014Riverine Sand Mining/Scofield Island Restoration (Deauthorized)7462292340234
ME-2315South Pecan Island Freshwater Introduction (Deauthorized)700510009898
ME-2416Southwest LA Gulf Shoreline Nourishment and Protection (Transferred)1244311203685888
MR-1413Spanish Pass Diversion (Deauthorized)15807933598433
TE-8320Terrebonne Bay Marsh Creation-Nourishment (Deauthorized)6642243530353
BS-098Upper Oak River Freshwater Siphon, Phase 1 (Deauthorized)461815327069339
PO-09a3Violet Freshwater Distribution (Deauthorized)179803840207247
BA-4717West Pointe a la Hache Marsh Creation (Deauthorized)3521262030203
BS-1214White Ditch Resurrection and Outfall Management (Deauthorized)822410742147189
BS-04a3White's Ditch Outfall Management (Deauthorized)52496803737
Accumulated Stats for Authorized Projects

Project Area - 953345

Average Annual Habitat Units - 51168.69

Acres Created/Restored - 55658

Acres Protected - 51240

Total Net Acres - 106898

Acronyms & Definitions

PPL - Project Priority List

Project Area - The benefitted area as determined by the Environmental Work Group for purposes of conducting Wetland Value Assessments

AAHU - Average Annual Habitat Units as determined by the Environmental Work Group. Habitat Units represent a numerical combination of habitat quality (Habitat Suitability Index) and habitat quantity (acres) within a given area at a given point in time. Average Annual Habitat Units represent the average number of Habitat Units within any given year over the project life for a given area.

ACR - Acres Created/Restored represent the acres of emergent marsh created or restored as a result of project implementation.

AP - Acres Protected represent the acres of emergent marsh protected from loss as a result of project implementation.

Net - Total Net Acres. The net gain in emergent marsh as a result of project implementation as determined by the Environmental Work Group. This figure includes acres of emergent marsh protected, created, and restored as a result of project implementation

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