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CWPPRA Newsflash

The CWPPRA Program would like the public to be aware of what is going on with our coastal wetlands. The CWPPRA Newsflash is sent out by email to do just that.

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Past Newsflashes

9/14/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - September Newsletter
8/17/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Virtual WebEx Technical Committee Meeting
8/6/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - August Newsletter
7/8/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - July Newsletter
6/30/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - Report Published on Mapping Habitats in Beach, Dune, and Intertidal Environments Along the Louisiana Gulf of Mexico Shoreline, 2008 and 2015–16
6/4/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - June Newsletter
5/20/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Weekly Activity for Kids!
5/13/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Weekly Activity for Kids!
5/7/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - Wetland Activity for Kids: Swamp
5/5/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - May Newsletter
4/30/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Wetland Memory Game for Kids!
4/24/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Task Force Meeting: Instructions To Participate Virtually
4/23/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Weekly Activity for Kids!
4/15/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Coastal Word Search for Kids - Printable
4/9/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Coastal Crossword Puzzles For Kids!
4/7/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Technical Committee Priority Project List (PPL) 30 Candidate Voting Results
4/6/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - April Newsletter
3/26/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Technical Committee Meeting DRAFT Agenda
3/17/2020CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Public Technical Committee Meeting Cancelled