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The CWPPRA Program would like the public to be aware of what is going on with our coastal wetlands. The CWPPRA Newsflash is sent out by email to do just that.

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Past Newsflashes

9/13/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - Manager, Coastal Projects and Programs, Mississippi River Delta Washington, DC or New Orleans, Louisiana
9/11/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Technical Committee Meeting Agenda
9/5/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - CRCL Position Announcement: Policy Specialist
7/27/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - Fourth Annual River Symposium - Save the Date
7/25/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - State of the Coast - Call for Session Proposals
7/17/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - LPBF - Basics of the Basin, Research Symposium 2017
7/13/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - Louisiana Wetland Loss Rate Has Slowed: New USGS Study
7/10/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - CRCL Communications Associate Job Posting
6/19/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - Terrebonne Parish Coastal Day
6/8/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - LPBF - Basics of the Basin Research Symposium 2017
5/18/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - LPBF Basics Of The Basin Research Symposium
5/9/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Task Force Meeting Agenda - Draft
4/27/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Technical Committee Priority Project List (PPL) 27 Candidate Voting Results
4/25/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Technical Committee Meeting (Draft)
4/6/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - CPEX Survey: How Coastal Louisiana is Adapting to the Changing Environment
3/24/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - LPBF - Report: Potential Occurrence of Natural Swamp Regeneration on the Maurepas Land Bridge
3/22/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation Report - Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion
3/16/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA’s Coastwide Reference Monitoring System (CRMS) website - Webinar
3/15/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - Don’t Miss Out on CRCL's Exciting Coastal Restoration Road Show in Lacombe
3/10/2017CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Priority Project List (PPL 27) Nominees Selected