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Priority Project List (PPL) 33 and Phase 2 Candidate Selection Announcement

The Technical Committee will recommend projects for PPL33 and Phase 2 at the December 14, 2023 CWPPRA Technical Committee meeting. Please stay tuned for additional project specific details in upcoming CWPPRA newsflashes over the next few weeks. The public is encouraged to provide written comments on the projects listed below no later than November 24, 2023 by mail or email to:

Kaitlyn Richard
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
7400 Leake Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118

Candidate Projects:

PPL 33

  • Northwest Little Lake Marsh Creation Extension
  • Eastern Terrebonne Landbridge Marsh Creation Increment 1
  • Bayou Terre Boeufs Ridge Restoration and Marsh Creation
  • South Delacroix Marsh Creation and Terracing
  • Southeast Golden Meadow Marsh Creation
  • Gulf Shoreline Protection West
  • West Dupre Cut Marsh Creation
  • Biloxi Marsh Shoreline Protection
  • Carencro Bayou Diversion
  • Bayou Ducros Marsh Creation
Phase 2
  • BS-0042, Phoenix Marsh Creation – East Increment
  • ME-0031, Freshwater Bayou Marsh Creation
  • PO-0179, St. Catherine Island Marsh Creation & Shoreline Protection
  • TE-0156, Bay Raccourci Marsh Creation and Ridge Restoration
  • BS-0043, Reggio Marsh Creation
  • ME-0032, South Grand Chenier – Baker Tract Marsh Creation

If you have any questions, please contact Kaitlyn Richard (504-862-1798, ) or Terri Von Hoven (504-862-1744, )


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