Land Loss

Updated - Hurricane Land Change Information

Hurricane Information Center

Over 100 Years of Land Change for Coastal Louisiana
Including Hurricane Assessments of 2005
(PowerPoint Presentation 20.6 MB 2005-11-03)

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Southeast Louisiana Land Loss

(PDF 8.95 MB 2004-12-15)

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Louisiana Coastal Land Loss Computer Simulation 1932 through 2050
RealMedia file 10.7 MB 2003-06-16
AVI file 53.2 MB 2003-06-16

Press Release

Land Loss Maps

Videos of Lower Bayou Lafourche / Port Fourchon, Southeastern, Southwestern Louisiana

Data Sources:

Historical and Projected Coastal Louisiana Land Changes: 1978-2050 (USGS Open File Report 03-334)
(PDF 3.30 MB)

National Wetlands Research Center Open File Report 94-01 January 1994
(PDF 295 KB)

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